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A : SUPER LEARNING is a combination of techniques that help to increase:
(1) Quantum (2) Speed & (3) Accuracy of learning

along with the honing of the mental abilities.

Q : What is so special about it?
A : Under normal circumstances and in our day to day experience one would notice that SPEED AND VOLUME & / or SPEED & ACCURACY are inversely proportional. As you increase the SPEED, we lose on ACCURACY OR VOLUME & vice versa. Here lies the differentiator in SUPER LEARNING as both QUANTUM (amount) and SPEED of learning increase exponentially and of course without compromising on the ACCURACY. Learning without accuracy has no meaning.

Q: What is meant by mental abilities?

A: In context of SUPER LEARNING, we are referring to our internal mental abilities such as: CONCENTRATION, IMAGINATION, MEMORY, REASONING, SELF CONFIDENCE etc. The SUPER LEARNING program helps in harnessing of these inherent abilities and boosting the same for an undisputed, positive and discernible impact in each of its users.

Q: How much time does it take for the program to make an impact on the participants?
A: The participants see the positive and immense change in the first few hours (before lunch) on the first day of the program itself.

Q: Is the effect long lasting?
A: As mentioned earlier, it is a program based on the harnessing and honing of our NATURAL MENTAL ABILITIES. Each one of us has an immense power and this program digs straight into these powers and enhances each one of them simultaneously. The extent of expertise shall depend on the amount of practice an individual shall put behind the concepts and activities shared during the program.

Q: Does it take long to grasp the concepts?
A: The concepts are frighteningly simple, but the key lies in the delivery of these concepts and the related concepts. We have also noticed that participants while undergoing through the program have valid and relevant queries that need to be addressed satisfactorily for the concept to embed and remain with the participants. Our program handles each of these concepts and the queries from its root and delivers in an easy to comprehend manner followed by interesting, fun filled, exciting activities.

Q: How are you different than others?
A: We are significantly different in following ways:
1) Approach
2) Faculty
3) Program Design, Content & Delivery
4) Insights

Q: Can you please detail each one of them?

A: Sure. Let’s take one at a time.
1) Approach: We believe in offering LIFE ENHANCING experience to all our participants, through our well researched, practical and Interactive Programs. We go a long way in exceeding this commitment and ensure that each participant undergoes a favorable transformation – a positive and permanent change. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this principle.

2) Faculty: Our programs are delivered by an ex CEO (MNC) – please refer details under the Management tag. Each of these programs are developed in-house after an extensive research spanning over 6000 hours in areas as diverse as – Psychology, Physiology, Neuroscience, & Spirituality. The concepts are further tested through experiential learning and with the insights drawn from each one of them.

3) Program Design, Content & Delivery: One of the unique features of our program is the versatility and its bandwidth that can accommodate anyone above the age of 13 years. This is achievable through a robust content based on solid and latest research in respective fields, delivered in an easily comprehendible manner flavored with exciting activities to embed the concept. The added value in the program comes in through improvisations made on the spot depending on the group’s composition. This delights the participants as the value addition is immense and unforgettable..

4) Insights: SUPER LEARNING deals with natural abilities and these abilities will ONLY work if they are decoded with patience, effort and personal experience. There is no short cut to getting these insights and over 6000 hours of research and experiential learning has created this distinction in our programs. I must emphasize for the benefit of the reader that there is not so much in the techniques as in the experience of going through the program. There are innumerable dimensions to the program and hence learning for two participants in the same program may be as diverse as ‘chalk and cheese’ depending on their mind set, quest for learning, priorities, focus, challenges in life etc….

Q: What are the key benefits of this Program?
A: There are many and long lasting benefits of this program, but just to name a few, this program leads to enhanced:

1) Concentration, Creativity & Imagination
2) Self-confidence, self-esteem, self-respect & self-worth
3) Speed of grasping and memorizing information, saving valuable time
besides reducing stress, anxiety, negative emotions.

However, we challenge our participants to go beyond these benefits as some of our inputs are extremely significant for handling and managing your life more effectively. The benefits include:

1) excellence in academics and ease of supervision for parents/guardian
2) building strong family ties.
3) turbo charged professional life.
4) continuous and rapid Competency building.
5) creating differentiation and positive impression for self in any forum within minutes.
6) Internal peace and sense of security
7) Reducing dependence on others by making one Independent and confident.

Q: What is the duration of the program?
A: 4 weeks.

Q: Who all can attend the program?
A: Anyone above the age of 13 years can register for the program. For below 13 years, at-least one of the parents must register, though the child can experience the program at no cost. The minimum age for a child to accompany the parent is 8 years.

Q: Where do you conduct these programs?
A: The programs can be conducted online and offline. Since online is a more popular and a convenient option, there are no constraint of time and location. We have delivered this program to our clients in +10 countries including The US, Canda, UK, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Eqypt, Tanzania, Kenya, Malaysia, Nepal, India.

Q: How can we know more about the specifics of the program? Do you hold any previews?
A: To know more about the program or the next preview date, you may please reach out to us at +91 9844246300. We hold previews at regular intervals in Delhi and Bangalore. 

Q: Are there any reference we can talk to?
A: Yes you can. Please call us at +91 98442 46300 / +91 91648 46300 and we shall be able to share the details of some of our earlier participants with their prior consent. Meanwhile, you may want to look at the ‘videos’ at the bottom of the landing page of our site. We have recorded experiences of our participants and you may check these out at your convenience. These participants come from diverse backgrounds such as: Highly placed professionals including Trainers, Speakers, certified coaches, Faculty, Executives, Software professionals, students, Doctors, Chartered Accountants, Sr. Management from Engineering / IT / Financial and E commerce sectors to name a few, Entrepreneurs from diverse fields, Active and well informed Homemakers

Q: What are the investments?
A: Interested participants can contact us at +91 98442 46300 / +91 91648 46300 for investment &/or any other details they may need.